In that same interview, Clark Gregg even says that Coulson has changed from what happened to him. Maybe in ways he doesn't even know yet. No offense, but "faking" his death wouldn't change him. Being brought back from the dead definitely would. I'm going to take this whole thing with a grain of salt until we see… » 4/27/13 8:13am 4/27/13 8:13am

Well, leave it to SyFy to cancel the best shows they have. Farscape, Stargate(series), Eureka and many others and now Alphas? WTF... It occurs to me that ever since they changed their brand name to SyFy, they've just gotten stupid about their programming. Well, fuck them. I'm DVRing Warehouse 13 and never… » 1/16/13 5:54pm 1/16/13 5:54pm